Harold Dieterle

Season One's winner Harold Dieterle weighs in on Season Two.

on Oct 18, 2006

I find myself wanting to help, but I don't give any tips. I'm just an elimination judge. Tom, though -- they kind of give him that update on what they're making. He seems to have it well in hand. Basically, looking at the first basket of goods, I kept trying to put myself in their position and think what would I make. They had escargot, potatoes, American cheese, artichokes and peanuts. And I thought that was pretty tough. I think that the American cheese is the standout ingredient, but there's no criteria bout how much cheese you need to use. So I probably would have made a potato gnocchi, put some American cheese in it, then I would have sauteed the gnocchi with the escargots and a little white wine butter sauce. Probably with a nice crispy salad on top, with shaved artichokes and peanuts. And then I thought the second group had a much more difficult basket.

The first group thought that they had it tough, but I'm sorry -- chicken livers and frog legs? Try to put those together. That is not easy at all. I'm still fuzzy on what I would make. I really have no idea. I love frog legs. I guess, I'd make a frog leg confit and a chicken liver sauce, but other than that...I'm lost. Judging is hard. You're sitting around the table and everyone is talking. The contestants kinda had the opportunity to decide who was in the top and who was in the bottom. And a couple of them, I didn't exactly see eye to eye with. I wasn't exactly sure how they thought the criteria was used. I certainly didn't think Marcel's dish was great, but I didn't think it was one of the weaker dishes. He displayed some refinement and some good plating. And the flavors were classical and they were good.