Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle can't taste the food, but that doesn't stop him from having an opinion.

on Nov 7, 2006


I think there's been a problem with listening. First off, I started getting the shakes when they turned that corner. Vending machines. It was like a bad dejàvu moment of the quickfire that we had to endure on Season 1 -- shopping only at that convenience store. I can't take it. The good people at Top Chef -- they need to just stop doing that. That said, I thought a couple of the contestants did a really nice job. But some of these guys did sweet items. And that's not at all what an amuse bouche is supposed to be. Suzanne is awesome. She's a spectacular chef, and a great person, and I'm glad she called them out on it.

Carlos' loaf didn't do it for me, but of course, I can't taste the food -- so I can't make that much of an argument. I thought Ilan's amuse bouche showed real thought process. There seemed to really be a lot of texture and flavor and thought that went into it. And to me, that's the impressive part of these challenges. Mikey and that cheeto, snickers, whatever he was doing ... the guy is a riot, and he cracks me up. At the premiere party, I had the privilege of watching Mikey interact with Miguel. They're birds of a feather. Mikey walks around with his wife's panties, and Miguel kept showing his tighty whiteys. Collectively, they have a bit of an underwear fetish, no?