Harold Dieterle

The Top Chef winner weighs in on pasta salad, angry judges, and more!

on Sep 3, 2009

I thought that the judges were angry this episode! Why were they so angry? You know those judges hate the pasta salad. I gotta say, that’s the ultimate cop out. Seriously? You’re gonna go on TV and make pasta salad? What are you thinking?

Let’s talk about the Quickfire. There was definitely some good stuff and I was impressed. I liked the potato risotto idea, and it was too bad it was a little salty.

I probably could have said that making ice cream in 45 minutes is a little tough unless you have a real high-powered machine and it didn’t get it done. He played it great though. I was hoping he would win because that would have been funny.

But with the risotto, I don’t like the fact that he put mascarpone. You don’t really make risotto like that. Potatoes you have to be a little more gentle with because if they get overcooked they can break apart when you’re trying to beat the crap out of them with a spoon. I would have just gone with butter and cheese. I liked the idea, but it gets creamy anyway.