Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle explains why this episode is one of his favorites.

on May 7, 2008

Sorry for not being able to blog last week, so here's just a few quick thoughts about last week's episode: Look, I know sponsors make the show run, but c'mon! I actually really liked what Andrew did with his crusted chicken as opposed to doing a rice dish. When you do something like fried rice, it's like come on! That's my feeling on it, anyway. I'd do a simpler dish. There's a preparation called larp when you grind the rice down and you usually cook small portions of proteins. Sometimes it's pork, I use sweetbreads, and then you pan-fry it so it gets nice and crispy.

My thought about the elimination round is that they just should've called it the "chicken challenge." What did they have? Ten dollars? I know that's tight, but there must be something else you can do with ten dollars and still make it accessible to a family. I know everybody likes chicken, but everybody did chicken, which wasn't very exciting to me. Mark made a curry, but he put some funky stuff in that curry. It was all proteins, and there weren't any fun, green, crispy vegetables. All the things that's hard to get kids to eat sometimes. I do a curry here at the restaurant all the time, and those are not the vegetables I would use.

It's interesting to see the folks that have kids on the show. Like with Antonia, I felt bad for her. It's tough because they're gone, and have very minimal contact with her little ones, and it's tough. It can break you down.


But this was one of my favorite episodes: Wedding Wars? Wow. It was really good, and I was like: C'mon, Tom had to take a shot at the first season? The situation was a lot different in that we got to go to Whole Foods; we didn't get to go to the Restaurant Depot. I couldn't taste it, but I was blown away by Stephanie's cake. Wow. She rocked it. I was like she's done this before. You can't just stroll your way into making a wedding cake like that. It looked professional. But they said Lisa's tasted better, and I believe it. It looked good. The chocolate frosting ... it looked dirty. I'd much rather eat that cake, but I'm a no-frills guy, so I'd much rather get some of that on my face.