Harold Dieterle

Why does everyone hate Marcel? Why did Betty cook a trio of soups? Harold Dieterle's asking these questions.

on Jan 3, 2007


First off, it's amazing to see how many chefs have vision issues. It was cool to watch Cliff, who is colorblind, adapt to the challenge. When I was just starting to cook, I always had a difficult time recognizing the center of the plate. This was very early on, when I was about 17 or 18. I went through a couple of chefs that would watch me plate food and it turned out that all of my presentations were off-centered until I finally had a chef that was patient enough to walk me through it. He helped me to kick the problem. But it's pretty interesting. A lot of chefs wear glasses or contact lenses. There are a lot of chefs with really interesting vision issues. Big Mike comes out with a victory. A Quickfire based around color is pretty interesting. And I've said it a lot, I think Mikey has talent. At this point, I think he's starting to shut up all the people that don't have any props for him. The kid's going in there, and he doesn't need to talk a lot of shit about other people, he just goes in, puts his head down and goes. I love that he has a chip on his shoulder. He's totally the dark horse and I am always pulling for the underdog. I think this performance really shut everyone up. I was really happy to see that.