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Harold Dieterle

Did You Taste It?

This week Charlie Palmer was the guest judge. I haven't worked with him but I've eaten at Aureole. He's a badass and he's really legit. I thought the whole thing with the Voltaggios and Charlie was pretty funny. It's like the family triangle. I...
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It's Always Sunny

Let's get started. So the Quickfire this week was all about the slots and one of the elements was umami, which a lot of people have questions about. A lot of the chefs used mushrooms for that. I did an umami cook-off for the umami board at...
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Very 1995

Let's start with that controversial Quickfire. Robin talks about her cancer and Eli makes a little remark when she wins… You’re not gonna get points for saying something like that. You can’t really relate to what this woman’s been through. She was...
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Bad News Bears

Let's dive right in. In the 5th episode the Quickfire ingredient was chosen by the audience and it was cactus. I definitely would have preferred to cook with cactus on that one. I would definitely not do snake. Snake is really hard, especially if...
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That Was Sexy

First, the Quickfire challenge. I personally like to do snails with curry. You need to have a good amount of fat and this is one of the times instead of using a lot of butter to cook them, I like to use coconut. I love snails. I think they’re...
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Ultimate Cop Out

I thought that the judges were angry this episode! Why were they so angry? You know those judges hate the pasta salad. I gotta say, that’s the ultimate cop out. Seriously? You’re gonna go on TV and make pasta salad? What are you thinking?...
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Coming Full Circle

Going back to Restaurant Wars for a moment, I thought it sucked. I enjoy listening to Anthony Bourdain critique, but ... Well, first off I thought that the quick fire was actually pretty cool -- whipping up some eggs on the short order line. But ...
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