Have You Had a Puffle Cone Yet? How to Find One or Make Your Own

This unreal mashup of ice cream and waffles gives the donut ice cream cone a serious run for its money.

What exactly is this puffle-cone thing you might've heard about? It's an ice cream cone made out of one of those trendy Hong Kong-style egg waffles, which consist of puffy bubbles that you can pull right off the waffle. They're nothing less than gorgeous, and they arrive stuffed with all kinds of ice cream varieties shaped to look like flowers. Plus they're piled outrageously high with even more sweets—fruits, candies, cookies, marshmallows, you name it. Come to think of it, they remind us of the donut ice cream cone, another dessert we'd like to get our hands on right about now.

Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, California, drove people insane last summer when it started selling the cones. And now, puffle cones are resurfacing, this time in New York City, thanks to the opening of Eggloo in Chinatown; it's part of the Eggettes franchise, which has been slinging these bubbly waffles for years. At Eggloo, the freakshake-like toppings include dipped fortune cookies, Fruity Pebbles and Oreo dust.

Here's a big secret: You can easily make puffle cones at home with the right equipment. Feast your eyes (and Amazon wish lists) on Cucina Pro's Bubble Waffle Maker. This under-$50 gadget makes hexagon-shaped egg waffles out of a typical batter of eggs, sugar, flour and light evaporated milk; Amazon recommends that you pair it with a can of Bird's custard powder for maximum sweetness. You know, just in case all those ice cream scoops and toppings aren't enough.


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