Jamie Lauren

Jamie Lauren thinks maybe the two restaurants should have swapped names.

on Oct 22, 2009

Onto the Wars: first, let me start by saying thank god they didn't have to decorate this year! How many times do we have to see those same tacky furnishings from Pier One, I mean really. Way to give it a rest there, Bravo. I don't think the chefs realize how lucky they are that they didn't need to deal with the interior design aspect. At least all they had to focus on was the cooking, which is definitely the most important part. Now, this one is tough. Both teams are pretty strong, but I have to say that I would be a wee bit nervous about the brothers V. being together. Those guys are powerhouses and having them together definitely proved to be a challenge to the Mission team. Talk about intimidation! I was surprised to see Eli step up as the FOH manager, but also glad. I like that the boys didn't force Robin to be out there because they didn't like her or her abilities, which could have easily been done, and after watching Eli tonight I have to say I thought he did a pretty bang-up job as manager. He was personable, talkative, even likeable, and a lot less douchey then he usually appears to be. Michael definitely asserted his control in the kitchen, and I have to say I thought he came across as a bit of an ass in this episode. His cockiness came through and not in a good way. There's a difference between being cocky and being a jerk, and I thought he was a bit of a jerk, especially to his brother Bryan. I'm not sure if that's how they are together or it's just because it's a competition, but one would think they would be a little bit more supportive of one another, especially since they are both so talented. As I have been saying all season, I think the tension between them is going to make for a very interesting finale. One other thing regarding them: the name Revolt ... I agree with Padma ... kinda nauseating, but there was nothing revolting about their restaurant. Perhaps Mission should have chosen that name, because they certainly struggled.

Team Mission: also a strong group of players that included Kevin and Jen, but it didn't seem like they could get it together. Jen seemed behind from the beginning and the work load seemed like it wasn't evenly distributed. Also, the dishes actually looked and sounded rudimentary compared to Revolt's food, not to mention the fact that the judges ate at Revolt first. So, they probably were a little disappointed when they tried Mission's food, strictly comparatively speaking. Now the one thing that really sticks out for me was the fact that they decided to not serve dessert. Even if you aren't good at dessert and people always go home for dessert, a restaurant kind of needs to have something sweet to end on, right? If making a dessert wasn't something they wanted to do, then why not serve chocolate truffles, or some little candy at the end with the check? Something? I thought that was a pretty ballsy move, and not in a smart way. In addition to the long fire times, poor FOH communication and lackluster food, I think the lack of dessert was one of the reasons that they ended up the losers. Judging from the comments, I think the elimination is a toss up between Jen and Laurine, and if I had to pick I would go with Laurine because her lamb wasn't well received (though in her defense, it was Kevin cooking it, right?) and neither was her management style.

Now, a little note to finish on, which I believe I have said before ... I don't get to see the full episodes. I generally find out about it on line or something the next day, so everything I have been writing about who stays and who goes has been based on hunch. So I make stuff up and guess and just give my two cents on what I see ... that's all. I wish I could give you more than that, but it's all I have got.