Jamie Lauren

Jamie Lauren wishes some of the female chefs would step it up.

on Aug 27, 2009

First of all I just want to say thanks to everyone for reading my first blog. I was a little nervous about it and I love all the great feedback I received from all of you. Now I actually feel like I set a precedent and I have to keep upping the ante every week. Oh the woes of being hard on one's self. But I am vowing here and now to write the best damn blogs this season that Bravo has ever seen. My one advantage is that I used to be a writer, many, many years ago before I became a chef, and this has been a great forum for me to get my writing aggressions out. That being said, I give you blog No. 2.

Ahhh, Vegas ... heat, desert, heat, money, heat ... uh, shirtless pool parties? Interesting. NYC was sweltering the summer we shot Top Chef, but all we had to wade around in was a puddle or two after a severe August thunderstorm, not that I would have really wanted to see Stefan, Hosea, Danny, or any of the other guys topless. So, maybe I should take it back when I said I was on the wrong season, at least we kept things covered in NYC. Boys: please keep the coats on the rest of the season. I get that it’s hot and the pool is gorgeous, but we don’t really want to see you half naked.

Carrying on ... the craps table set up in the TC kitchen was a great idea. The producers are really thinking of the good stuff this season, but I guess with a backdrop like Las Vegas it must be easy to come up with great challenges. I for one love craps. In fact, it’s actually the only type of gambling that I even understand, with the exception of roulette, both of which are games that rely solely on luck, much like this Quickfire. Oh, to have rolled a 2. .. talk about bad luck. That would have sucked. It seems a lot of chefs rolled 8s, 9s, and 10s, which I think would have been some of the best numbers. It's always easier to cook with more items than less, at least for me — I prefer simplistic to minimalist, though I completely respect chefs that can really pull off working with only a few ingredients. I for one cannot live without butter, and Jesse you were right when you said your pasty looking scallops would have benefited from some of the delicious fatty stuff.