Jamie Lauren

Jamie Lauren wishes some of the female chefs would step it up.

on Aug 27, 2009

Again, here is where my front runners knock it out of the park. Michael V., Jen, and Kevin are the top three, and I am not even remotely surprised. I loved the look of Kevin’s asparagus and celery salad with egg. This guy definitely cooks after my own heart. Michael’s gazpacho looked really interesting, though I wish i could have seen more of it, at least technique-wise. Incorporating the liquid nitrogen was a cool idea, but due to the editing of the show it made it hard to see what exactly it was he did, and then Jen, the ladies' front runner and so far most consistent rounded out the top three. In the end, another $15,000 was passed out (OK OK, maybe I WAS on the wrong season. Clearly I will be vacillating on this all season. Stay tuned, folks...) and Michael took home the top prize ... lucky dude.

Now we arrive at the Elimination Challenge ... a battle of the sexes! Ha! Now now Ashley, you and I are in the same boat and I believe in equal rights just as much as you, but there is a time and a place for it. This is a cooking show. Swallow your pride and get out there and kick some ass. Focus less on the politics of the situation and more on making great food and perhaps you and your team wouldn’t have ended up in the bottom half. That being said, can’t say I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the boys' team. No offense ladies, but the guys are clearly a step ahead of some of you, and this is where I can imagine it was incredibly frustrating at Judges' Table for Jen, Ashley (despite her overacheiving on the panna cotta ... girl, stick to one dish!) and Laurine. But, so are the pitfalls of team challenges. Sometimes it’s just the way the cards are dealt. The brothers again are doing things not yet seen on the show and as a chef that is what makes it interesting to me. Sometimes it’s nice to watch someone take risks and think outside the box, and when it works it has the potential to be amazing as it ended up being for these guys. I was less excited with the likes of Preeti, Jesse, and Eve. At this point I am starting to see a pattern with the least impressive of the chefs. Either they start to step up or one of those girls is going to drop like a fly really quickly. This all goes back to what I was saying last week" It’s not that I don’t believe a woman can win, it’s just that I think the men are outmatching them. Trust me, I don’t like to type this anymore than you like to read it. I know this is Top Chef and things can change at the drop of a hat, and yes it’s early ... I’m just hoping that these girls will start bringing it! I would love to see those boys get their asses handed to them. Again, I’m looking at you Mr. Isabella....