Jamie Lauren

Jamie Lauren finally feels like this season is picking up with the French cuisine challenge.

on Sep 10, 2009

Although the dishes that were created were supposed to be based on very traditional items, I felt the chefs took really good creative liberties with them. I was impressed by the top four, and was totally intrigued by the mustard noodles on the rabbit dish. Again, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, I would have really loved to see more of how the dishes were created, but I guess that's where consulting the posted recipes comes in handy. The trout was beautiful and it doesn't surprise me that it was the winner ... completely thought out-of-the-box, but within the restraints of the competition ... very smart. On the flip side, the other dishes all failed to impress with me. Mattin and Ashley's bacon veloute? Not really sure about that, and I am a bacon fanatic. It just didn't seem to work with poussin, which by nature is a delicate-fleshed young bird with a very mild flavor. It seems like all  the judges could taste in that dish was the bacon. Also, I have to say I really hated the tired clichéd asparagus jutting out from under the clearly overcooked breast. I mean, I could tell that from through the camera, so I can only imagine how it tasted. But then Hector and Ash put out a clearly uninspired dish. It almost seems embarrassing to even have them be in the same group as some of the other chefs (go ahead, someone say it ... they would have fit in well on my season ... it's cool, I'll wait.)

All in all, this was by far my favorite episode of the season so far. I think we are finally starting to see some really great, consistent caliber food and I do hope it continues. I am looking forward to the evolution of the brothers V., and if they are ever going to have it out. They both seem really professional and mellow ... will a fight ensue at some point? I mean, they are brothers, they must have picked on each other as kids. Also, I am wondering, as they whittle down to the cream, who will end up rising? Will one of our front-runner heroes fall to the curses of TC? It's reality TV after all, and anything can happen. I'm just happy to say that I am finally excited for the ride...

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