Jamie Lauren

Jamie Lauren implores the chefs to go big or go home.

on Sep 3, 2009

I have been sitting here for over an hour procrastinating and trying to figure out what to write my blog about ... after screening this week's episode, I am realizing that  I have no clear favorites, and none of the chefs are really striking my fancy. Sure, the talent is there amongst many of them, but not a single one has yet to capture or motivate me in the way I have been in the past. I get that Top Chef is a cooking show — trust me, I was on it — but watching a group of chefs that are kind of lacking any sort of charisma is making it a little tedious. I hate to say this, but where are the jesters like Fabio and Stefan and Spike and Marcel, and all those other chefs you kind of loved to hate? As much as they had a tendency to distract from the actual art of cooking, it made for entertaining television. After all, it IS reality TV, and I'm sure the casting directors aren't casting based solely on one's cooking ability.

Moving on ... gotta say I loved watching Ashley freak out in the kitchen over her boiling water (finally some drama!!). It seems as if the Team Rainbow alliance isn't quite as tight as it was on my season. For some reason, I get the feeling Ashley doesn't really care for Preeti, but if she took my blanching water I would have been crazy pissed too. Can't say I blame her. I thought Ashley was incredibly ambitious with her 45-minute gnocchi and homemade ricotta. As a chef, I know how long those two things usually take so I have to say I was impressed with her having the balls to make them. Personally, I felt she should have won over Jen considering the risk she took, but Jen succeeds again, and she is definitely starting to look like the woman to beat. Ash, nice job on calling your failed ice cream a custard — that was smart, and look, you ended up on top. Sometimes it pays off to roll with the punches. On the flip side, Jesse, I have to say, please be the next to go home ... please .... You keep fessing up to all your mistakes. You know exactly what you do wrong and yet, you do nothing to fix them? Your soup was too spicy. Why not add a cooling element to it? Yogurt, cream anything? You could have fixed it and yet you just served up mediocrity. It's TC girl ... go big or go home!