Jamie Lauren

Jamie expresses her disappointment at Michael Isabella's attitude.

on Oct 8, 2009

The elimination seemed tough. I remember when I was on the show just trying to cook in the apartment that we all shared was a pain, and having to do it under the pressure of an elimination must have been really stressful and difficult. The kitchen was small, though well-equipped, and didn't have much more than four burners, so I can only imagine how it must have felt trying to share that space paired up with a teammate. What a mess, and again, the producers pulling out the not-knowing factor that always messes with your head ... three hours ... pair up ... cook for culinary superstars ... have fun! Now I haven't really harped on him since my first blog, but I have got to say, Mike Isabella, dude, the douche is back. I get that you don't like working with Robin, and trust me while I was on the show there were definitely people I wasn't stoked to work with, but at least I tried to listen to what they had to say. You taking credit for the entire dish and not letting Robin do so much as speak was a real dickhead maneuver. I completely understand thinking you are a better cook then someone, and being personally annoyed by a person, but Mike, you just made yourself look like the jackass ... not her. And the best part is, she's still around. I hope you get paired up again. That would be amusing to see.

I loved Bryan and Laurine's halibut dish with the chorizo vinaigrette ... definitely something up my alley. I love chorizo and I love work with it. For me it's actually a close second to bacon in my list of favorite pork products. However, I could live without polenta (just a personal preference) but the concept of the dish certainly jived. I loved the IDEA of Ashley and Eli's dish, the beet sauce, whole spot prawns, gnocchi. It really looked stunning on the plate, but judging by some of the comments at the table, I don't think the judges were very happy with the dish. Over-salted and mushy are never nice things to hear. One would think these chefs would learn about gnocchi. I do believe there is a sort of gnocchi curse from previous seasons ... and I fear it could be then end of one of those two talented chefs after this episode. Judging from what I saw in the episode I watched it seems like they are certainly going to be in the bottom ... and I fear brother Micheal and Ash (who I think should be the next cut) are the other team in the bottom, leaving Mike I. and Robin safe and left to tolerate one another for a whole other week. It would be great if they ended up as roommates as the weeks go on. Then Mike would get the punishment he deserves! Waking up to Robin's voice, falling asleep to Robin's voice ... that's something I'd like to see. It could be a whole new reality show. So, as we head into Week 8, my thoughts are we will do it without one of the Ashes and my top four are now Jenn, Kevin, and still the brothers V. Even though it may have been close for Micheal this week I don't think he is going anywhere just yet. I think we still need to see a Voltaggio smackdown in the future. What do you think?