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Jamie Lauren

Deja Vu

Ahhh, so Top Chef is back, and so I am I ... here to write a whole new season's worth of blogs about our favorite little cooking show on television. First I want to apologize for not making an appearance last week on the blog writing circuit. I...
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The Nice Thing About 'Top Chef'

This is it, folks. It all comes down to this last blog ... the last episode. I, for one, cannot believe I have successfully written 14 of these puppies. I'll tell you, after about Week 5, I really didn't think I was going to be able to hang. I...
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Kevin FTW

So here we are...13 episodes in and it is down to the final four. The final four most of us have predicted since the show started back in August... can't say I am surprised, because I am not. They are obviously the chefs who most deserve to be in...
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Keep it Simple

Getting down to the wire on this season of Top Chef ... and I have to say, finally an episode that I was literally on the edge of my seat and kind of nauseous while watching. Talk about an episode for chefs. Jesus, the chef star power in that room...
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Snooze Alert!

OK, OK, OK. I have already decided you all are going to hate me this week. In fact, I might even be annoyed with myself, but after viewing this week's Top Chef, I have to say, I literally feel like I have nothing nice to say. Well, maybe one or...
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Hungry Woman

OK. This one is going to be fun for me, especially after my blog two weeks ago that was a complete and total homage to the pig and all of it's glory. I bet you all can imagine how I feel about vegetarians. Let's put it this way: I was a vegetarian...
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A Misnomer

Well, we all knew this episode was on the horizon. Ah, Restaurant  Wars ... the most highly anticipated episode of the season, for most, the episode most contestants aspire to make it to, the top eight (or six in some cases), the holy grail of Top...
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