Guess Which Country's Cuisine Will Make You Live Longer

Now there's even more reason to load up on sushi every chance you get.

In case you were wondering whether your sushi-for-lunch habit was turning into a serious addiction, you can officially stop worrying. According to a brand-new study, eating a Japanese diet has been linked to better overall health and a longer lifespan—as reported in Food & Wine.

The study looked at approximately 80,000 people, tracking their eating patterns and their health, and concluded that "Closer adherence to Japanese dietary guidelines was associated with a lower risk of total mortality and mortality from cardiovascular disease." The mortality risk drops by a whopping 15 percent for those following the recommended Japanese diet.

So, what exactly does that Japanese diet involve? It includes an extremely wide range of foods, from seafood and meat to grain dishes, fruits, vegetables and dairy—and it's not too different from the USDA's My Plate guidelines (formerly known as the Food Pyramid). The Japanese food-guidelines chart looks like a "spinning top," with 5-7 servings of grain dishes at the widest end (the top), all the way down to 2 servings of dairy at the narrowest point at the bottom. You might want to scroll down to the Standard and Modified Scores section of the study if you're curious to see what a list of the Japanese foods in the study looks like; it's pretty impressive.

Obviously, they're doing something right in Japan. And granted, this study was conducted by the Japan Public Health Center, but judging from the report, it looks to be a thorough, rigorous investigation. Now, please excuse us while we get back to that glistening row of uni and toro sashimi on our plate.

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