This Spa in Japan Has a Pool Filled With Red Wine — and It's Blowing Our Boozy Brain

Dreams do come true.

If you’ve ever had a day where you need a drink so bad you wish you could actually submerge yourself in that wine glass, a Japanese spa has just the right treatment for you.

Yunesson Spa Resort, located in Hakone, Japan, is known for having seriously inventive pools: You’ll find everything from ramen to sake to green tea baths at the water park and spa resort. And now it's added the best thing ever, a new and incredibly popular pool that is literally filled with red wine.

More than being a cool concept, these options all purport to be darn good for your skin, in particular the wine bath. But does it really work? Well, yes and no. Experts say red wine can have benefits for your skin... but more so when you ingest it than bathe in it. "Drinking red wine can leave your skin absolutely radiant because of its natural antioxidant properties that boost collagen and elasticity," opines YouTube celeb Heather Marianna, who makes DIY beauty videos using common kitchen ingredients, and is the founder of all-natural pampering skincare line, Beauty Kitchen

The red wine pool, which features a 12-foot wine bottle suspended over its top, contains resveratol, an antioxidant already known to be good for skin. Red wine can be used in many ways to maximize its impact, whether it's by drinking it, using it as a toner, or mixing it with some oatmeal as a facial mask — but to bathe in red wine by itself could dehydrate skin, Marianna says. "You can still have a fulfilling red wine bath experience by alternatively adding grapeseed oil to your bath, which will leave your skin ultra-hydrated.  Grapeseed oil is one of my favorite natural cures for eczema."

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OK, fine — maybe so. But drinking wine by the pool of wine still sounds like the girlfriends getaway of our hopes and dreams

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