Jose Andres and Tom Colicchio Just Announced Their Bid for President

The superstar chefs have their sights set on the White House, sort of.

Forget all the current nominees on the ballot for president. Two celebrity chefs have just tossed their names into the ring: Jose Andres and Tom Colicchio. Jose first nominated himself on Twitter late Tuesday, and his idea quickly piqued the interest of the Top Chef judge.

In fact, they seem so devoted to the idea of becoming co-presidents that they even came up with their campaign slogan on the fly. And it's pretty catchy.

As the Daily Meal points out, in the past, Jose has taken a political stance on various issues, ranging from animal rights to topics like poverty and hunger in America.

Tom is equally active when it comes to shedding a light on important food-related matters. The outspoken chef not only co-founded the Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit Food Policy Action, but he's very vocal about weighty food issues. He's spoken up about the importance of good nutrition and awareness of food waste, and he's weighed in on GMO labeling and sustainable farming over factory farming. He also frequently uses Twitter as a platform to open up the conversation.

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