Kendall Jenner Says "Traveling Is So Annoying," Copes by Eating Airport Donuts

Fig Newtons and Clif Bars also help ease stress, according to the supermodel reality star.

You may have noticed that It-girl supermodel and Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star Kendall Jenner is traveling a lot these days. She recently celebrated Kylie's lavish birthday in the Bahamas, for instance. And now she’s posting up in a modest $26.5 million NYC crash pad during Fashion Week.

At last we now have some insight as to what fuels the celeb’s relentless travel schedule. Despite what you might expect from a professional model and native Los Angeleno — it’s not kale.

She wrote on her website, “'Traveling is so annoying — why not indulge in some comforts? ;).” And she wasn’t kidding about those indulgences.

Among her airport favorites, she claims, are “Dream Water, Clif Bars, powdered doughnuts, yogurt-covered pretzels, and Fig Newtons.” Wait, record scratch. Say what?

Yes, the five-foot-10-inch model who reportedly weighs 130 pounds enjoys her fill of processed powdered doughnuts in the airport.

She calls the particular snack attack one of her “airport traditions.” Now you know.

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