Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong shares her thoughts on the Season 2 Reunion.

on Jul 25, 2007


"A Walk in the Park" is how I would describe this reunion, in comparison to the drunken bloodbath so infamous from Season One. When production called me and asked for my participation in a TC reunion last month I agreed. I wasn't at all sure what to expect and who would be there, only knowing that it would be part of Andy Cohen's new hit talk series, "Watch What Happens".

My first Quickfire of the day was to pick up Dave Martin in Long Island City, a neighborhood in Queens a ways away from my apartment in Astoria. My car service driver was less than agreeable and had no idea how to get to Dave's apartment (neither did I). His GPS also failed so we drove around in circles as he yelled at me for not knowing where I was going (Hello? How is this my responsibility? I'm not the one getting paid to drive the car). Needless to say, we eventually picked up Dave and then headed back to Astoria to film at Kaufman Astoria Studios. Had I known this I would've skipped the car service altogether and slept for another hour, as Kaufman Astoria is a 15-minute walk from my apartment.