Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne let's you in on an important lesson she learned in Season One. She also proclaims her love for bacon.

on Nov 1, 2006

Marcel and Betty get into their catfight. Boohoo, Marcel. Take the friggin' oil and put it in a pan over a flame instead of waiting for the electric deep fryer to heat up. Betty kills it with a little childish hoo-ha herself. This whole exchange is boring if you ask me, and does absolutely nothing for either of their characters. Sam's dish is impressive and innovative, and it sounds completely refreshing and perfect for summer.

For a $100 budget, it would have been nice to see Emily's dish with maybe some lobster instead of over-seasoned shrimp. Frank's mushroom wonderland...I'm really at a loss for words. The rest come out and sound and look appetizing. Mmmm...bacon and corn. Ilan is playing that smoky pork card again. Shamelessly delicious. Overall, I think most of the contestants did a great job. It is true that only 30% of Americans ever eat in fine dining restaurants. The challenge was to create exciting and approachable food for the everyday diner, and there is no shame in that, nor should it be an excuse why one would not win. Even the best chefs in the world have their comfort dishes, and their childhood favorites.