Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong reveals what Top Chef's culinary production team thought of chefs' dishes.

on Dec 3, 2008

You want to know what I made the morning of the breakfast challenge? A peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich, drizzled generously with honey, affectionately known as an "Elvis". Had I made it cute and small with a ring cutter I probably could've won the Quickfire.

First of all, what the hell is with all the crying with this group? Buck up! For the love of God, you've only known each other a week! Stop crying! Team Culinary not only had a blast building the breakfast table, but we also loved stocking the fridge with a ton of delicious breakfast ready ingredients, including caviar, a variety of sausages and charcuterie, smoked fish, cereals, and beautiful produce, which is why the bacon and eggs thing is hilarious (or typical -- I should've put scallops in the fridge.) Leah really seemed to be the only one who truly understood the idea of the amuse bouche breakfast. I think what struck me the most was the lack of finesse in general with the appearance and plating of these dishes, Stefan being the exception. Amuse bouche should be small, but also appealing to the eye, and I saw a lot of sloppily cut out chunks of bread and many dishes that were well over one bite. Think about it -- it's the first bite the chef gives you. It should look good. Jeff on the other hand went for the-hotel-buffet-fruit-on-a-stick-sitting-in-a-garden-of-wheatgrass approach with a panna cotta, and then a baked potato. Curious indeed. I tend to be a lunatic about aesthetics and presentation so my disappointment really hit home with this challenge coupled with the fact that I always wonder if it really takes 30 minutes to grill a piece of bread and fry a quail egg. What you see, and I know because I had made the same mistake in the past, is Alex chopping up a pound of bacon (and now Fabio has no bacon). A pound. For two amuse bouches. Wasted time, energy, and food. Leah won because she listened to what the challenge actually was.