Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong reveals what Top Chef's culinary production team thought of chefs' dishes.

on Dec 3, 2008

Jeff continues to perplex me. I tried his cabbage rolls the night before, and they were fine, if not well suited for our "Chicago PD Healthy Lunch" challenge. However, I think Kathie Lee's reaction was a little dramatic. Fabio, fresh outta de boat, is wholly entertaining, and quite charming. His plating style kills me, but his dish was simple and flavorful.

On to the bottom: I feel like the wrong person went home. There. I said it. The judges HAD to send Alex home because he completely failed the challenge. He not only didn't finish in time, but what you don't see is that he had also forgotten to take his crème brulees out of the freezer, so he didn't even have a finished product on the table for the judges to try once the timer went off. They did eventually try the custard, which was warm and runny, not set up at all. However, I thought the flavor of the custard was spot on. He had scented the custard with lavender, which is not an easy ingredient to work with (too much and everything tastes like bath soap). I thought the flavor balance was good and the texture of the custard once the brulees actually set up was on point (I ate the chilled ones). But he didn't complete the challenge.

Jamie just had a case of the bad attitudes. She is incredibly defensive about her food (which is really good), and I saw the crossed arms and the other back-the-f***-up body language from her a lot throughout the season, but I think it's great she has a point of view and is willing to stand by her food and admit her mistakes, ego aside.