Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong knows production isn't easy when there's a boat involved.

on Sep 5, 2007

By the way, guest judge Chef Michael Schwartz was great to work with. If you are ever in Miami, head to his restaurant, Michael's Genuine, for a great meal.

Anyway, production had looked at several yachts before deciding on one. The person I felt most sorry for was CJ. Galley kitchens are small, and chefs who crank it out on boats are decidedly miracle workers. The challenge itself was one of the easiest yet. Work together as a team and also as seven individuals to put forth a glamorous and sophisticated cocktail and hors d'oeuvre party for 60 plus guests. They had plenty of time, and I think even the budget, though small, was enough so they could create an impressive menu. I am constantly making hors d'oeuvre menus at The French Culinary Institute, so I felt comfortable with the amount of money we gave them.