Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong reveals behind-the-scenes dish from the most explosive episode of the season.

on Apr 10, 2008


And lastly, poor Team Earth. I thought at first glance their team's carpaccio dish looked delicious. Then we sampled a plate. Shannon and I basically uttered at the same time, "Needs salt." Underseasoning is a very amateur mistake and at this level there should be no reason why something isn't seasoned correctly. The worst part was the fact that the beef itself was not dressed or seasoned, just dry, sliced beef that stuck to the plate (not even a brush of olive oil!). I'm not sure I would've sent Zoi home, as they were all equally at fault for the failings of the dish. However, I'm not entirely sure I would've let Antonia have much of a say, considering she had immunity. Spike was right (for once) about her refusal to make soup. Butternut Squash soup may have sounded a little pedestrian, but the concept of serving a soup would've made their dish and their service a lot more manageable.

Richard also speaks of compromising quality when having to serve as many plates as they did, but it was 80 out of 300 potential plates and the fact that Team Fire pulled it off should leave no room for excuses. Rather than fall victim to the pitfalls of plating a large party, create a dish that is going to work for this kind of situation. It should be easy to plate, it should not have a million little garnishes all over the plate, there should definitely not be a shot glass on the plate (especially when the wait staff has to walk 1000 feet to the dining room), think about the temperature of your ingredients and the integrity and structure of your dish (will it hold up on the way to the table?)