Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong on Hawaii and the challenge that sealed the deal for winner Ilan Hall.

on Jan 31, 2007

The short ribs were very chewy and could have used more cooking time and some moisture or braising liquid. I did like that he grilled them, it added a nice charred flavor, and the romesco was very tasty. But for me the dish was not complete, lacking in any other garnish other than a few sauteed pieces of mushroom (a creamy taro or Hawaiian sweet potato puree would've been nice). His dessert was absolutely delicious. They serve the fried bay leaves at Casa Mono with a creme brulee. His take on it was very creative and was the one dish that best utilized the beautiful products of the farmer's market. It was a combination of sweet and tart fruits: tangelo soup, surinam cherry sorbet, dragonfruit, mango, and papaya, with the avocado added for creaminess, which I thought was genius. All in all, he created a very nice menu (his first tasting menu ever, to be exact), and the judges responded well to most of it.