Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong on Hawaii and the challenge that sealed the deal for winner Ilan Hall.

on Jan 31, 2007

The reason why I was critical of these guys throughout the blogs was because I did get to spend time with them, observing their behavior in the kitchen and their interpersonal actions, however annoying or despicable. No one is an angel and going through the process myself, there is transformation once you see it all on TV, though it does not happen overnight. There is a ton of emotional rubble to deal with and for any cook there is pride, passion, and ego involved. I didn't speak much about it beforehand because certain episodes had not aired yet and I didn't want to give anything away. I got to spend some time with Marcel in Vegas, and he really is a good guy. He is so hungry for knowledge and passionate about food and the future of food that I can't help but want to stay in touch with him to find out where he goes next.