Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong on Hawaii and the challenge that sealed the deal for winner Ilan Hall.

on Jan 31, 20070

I went out for dinner and drinks with Ilan and Ted Allen the other evening after the TC3 casting call here in NY and I think he realizes now how negatively the public has responded to his televised attitude. The title of Top Chef comes with the responsibility of behaving like one. Ilan is a wonderful person and very talented in the kitchen. His cooking style is a combination of inventiveness with classic technique and big, bold flavors. He is taking some time off to travel and hopefully stage at some restaurants around the world and I wish him the very best. He has cooked for me in the past at Casa Mono, before I knew him through Top Chef, and I eagerly await to find out where he settles down next so I can sample his food again.

Hawaii is truly one of the most amazing places I have had the privelege of visiting. I had a great time on the Big Island and want to send a special thanks to Michael Ni and company, Matthew Loke, Leanne Pletcher, Jeff, Sarah, and all of the other individuals who helped make our production seamless.

I got the chance to hop over to Oahu afterwards for a few days and was equally blissful with all I that I got to experience, including visiting some family who live there. The physical beauty of the islands, the people, history, culture, and food all come together to embody the spirit of aloha and I look forward to the next time I get to watch a rainbow sunset over the Pacific Ocean. We're already getting ready for Season 3, so keep watching and don't forget the bacon! xoxo- Lee Anne

Late in the day!
Late in the day!

Yes, I liked the way Sam and Mike pitched in to help Marcel. I was glad Elia was eliminated. I had liked her until she turned on Marcel. It was like in the beginning, she was so awkward and lonely and glad to have a friend in Marcel. As she became more popular with the others, she too joined them in making fun of Marcel. And the way she rolled her eyes and said he went on and on about his cooking - what's that to her? She already finished her round, didn't she? And when Ilan took just as long, I noticed she didn't have anything to say! And who was she to insist to the judges that Ilan's final meal was tastier than Marcel's when she hadn't tasted Marcel's food? It was just sheer bitchness on her part. Its a pity. I thought she was the only female contestant who was likeable and had integrity. In the end, I don't know who was worse - she or the "cheerful" Betty who turned out to be so vulgar, vindictive and childishly unprofessional.