Lee Anne Wong

What about this episode made Lee Anne Wong sad? A whole lot.

on Jan 17, 20070


This episode made me so sad, as a viewer and also as someone working on production. (Like your mom used to say, "I'm not mad at you....I'm just very, very disappointed.") Here we are at the last challenge before Hawaii and we get to see not only the best, but also the worst of the contestants. Their adolescent B.S. gets in the way of all the hard work they have done thus far and, in my mind, is a discredit to their cooking and talent.

Let's talk about the Quickfire. It was longer than usual -- two hours, in case anyone wanted to produce a baked good with the Nestle product. Out of all of the contestants, I commend Elia for rocking out two dishes. God knows they all had enough time. In and of that, did any of the dishes impress?