Lee Anne Wong

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on Jan 17, 2007

peter cruize wrote: hey lee anne, thanks for your pizza tip using the pita bread. i will try it tonight. whatever happened to tiffany?

Peter, enjoy your healthy pizza, and last I heard Tiffani was working at Riche in New Orleans. I have no doubt she is doing very well and putting out some phenomenal food in the Big Easy.

Tad wrote: I couldn't agree with you more here in regards to the Marcel issue, but i just have one question: shouldn't a responsible producer have done more to show the kinder side of marcel in last night's episode? Hs willingness to help others, assist cliff with his color blindness, etc was reduced to a few seconds worth of footage. the rest of the episode was nothing more than a free-for-all bashing against him. now, to read all these blogs in defense of him just seems a bit cheap. the guy is clearly trying harder than what he is being given credit for on the air. i am not a fan of the petty drama the producers seem all to eager to air, while waiting to tell the other side of the story in a blog that few people will read. your viewers are deserve better, and marcel certainly deserved to be treated better than the footage the production team presented to the public last night.

I have nothing to do with the editing of the show, at all. Each episode is hours (and sometimes days) of footage that is sliced and diced down to roughly 45 minutes of solid TV. I am sure the editors are aware of the strong reaction from the viewers to cut back on the interpersonal drama and make it more about the cooking, and I am also sure they will take it into account. At the same time, this particular cast gave them plenty of ammunition. Personally, I'd rather see more about the food too, but the double edge of reality TV is that most of the time viewers like a little drama (just not this much of it).

Jung wrote: Thanks for your insider viewpoint. Marcel doesn't seem all that bad, and your comments verify that the others are picking on him. Do they read these blogs and viewer comments? Are they aware of how distasteful their behavior was to us viewers? Hopefully, in some follow-up or reunion, they will apologize.

Being under the glass for that long sucks. It is such a high-pressure situation for all of these contestants, and there is a lot at stake. It is not exactly easy to watch yourself on TV, each week rehashing the emotional rollercoaster you had to go through. I learned a lot about myself, both the good and the bad. I've gotten to know some of the Season 2 cast, and off camera, they're pretty spectacular individuals. Put 'em all together in the same room for weeks on end, maybe not so great. The spirit of competition is a vicious thing. Hopefully this has been as good of a growing experience for them as it was for me.