Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong on the Lychee controversy.

on Oct 25, 2006

As defined by the food dictionary on epicurious.com: sushi [SOO-shee] A Japanese specialty based on boiled rice flavored with a sweetened RICE VINEGAR, a mixture called SUSHI MESHI. Once cooled, the rice has a glossy sheen and separates easily. There is a wide variety of sushi including nigiri sushi (thin slices of raw fish seasoned with WASABI and wrapped around or layered with this rice), hosomaki (thin sushi rolls) and futomaki (thick sushi rolls). To make these rolls, various chopped vegetables, raw fish, pickles, TOFU, etc. are enclosed in sushi rice and wrapped in thin sheets of NORI (seaweed). The rolls are then cut into slices. Sushi are designed to be finger food and can be served as appetizers, snacks or a full meal. Soy sauce is often served with sushi for dipping. See also SASHIMI.

I thought Cliff's dishes looked damn good, though, using clean, simple flavors. It's also pretty funny when Chef Shima shoves Mia's entire sushi roll into Padma's mouth. I applauded Otto for doing several different sushi rolls on his plate, though his presentation was lacking. So then comes the moment when he calls himself a "round eye from Cleveland, Ohio" in interview. Not sure if I was offended or amused, and I thought to myself, "Did he really just say that on national TV?" It gets better later when he assumes that the Project by Project event will be feeding the needy and hungry Asian community of Los Angeles. I'll say nothing more on this subject. Just think about it. On Team Vietnam, Betty really steps it up and shines. The whole teams seems to gel really well and there are some great key elements, like Betty's and Mia's experience as caterers, and Josie's familiarity with Vietnamese cuisine and flavors. Team Korea, on the other hand, is in for a world of trouble.

Poor Elia. Let's get drunk before we cook for 1,000 people. We (Season 1) probably would have, too. Marissa's just begging to be thrown under the proverbial bus. They are an absolute train wreck in the kitchen, working, or rather "not working," as a team.