Lee Anne Wong

Season 1's Lee Anne Wong breaks down the Season 3 premiere.

on Jun 13, 2007


Welcome to Miami! I was so excited to be asked to take part in Season 3. I flew out to Los Angeles for final casting literally 2 days prior to going down to Miami. We saw 30 some-odd audition hopefuls and decided on the final 15 chefs based on personality, skill set and passion for the craft. I gotta tell you, I love this cast. Not only are they wildly talented, but they are also genuinely nice human beings, with a more mature edge than seasons past. So let's get started...

That beautiful buffet you see at Casa Casuarina was created by none other than me, and my culinary assistant and good friend Shannon Wilkinson who joined me from New York to be my right hand man. We had to decide on a menu with a wide variety of proteins, sauces, garnishes, and table decoration with which the contestants would be able to create their own amuse bouche.