Lee Anne Wong

Lee Annne Wong goes behind-the-scenes of the Dame Chocolate Challenge.

on Jul 19, 2007


The "Easy as Pie" Quickfire went fairly smoothly. I secured 2 cases of frozen pie crusts, leaving each contestant with 4 pie crusts to work with. The reason why we gave them 90 minutes was in case some fool decided to take the challenge literally and make a whole pie (which would actually be 2 whole pies, since they always have to make a camera plate). Again, I stocked the pantry with a large variety of sweet and savory items, meats and seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other pielicious goods like flaked coconut and almost a dozen different cheeses.

I didn't watch the challenge, but when I went to the food porn table (yes, that is what we call the camera plates) I was slightly surprised that everyone made tarts. I think Sara Mair may have been the only one to use the dough in a different manner on at least one part of her dish by rolling it up into a cigar and also making a crust beef wellington style. When I was discussing the challenge with the creative team initially, I had stated that there are all sorts of different things one could do with frozen pie crusts, including empanada-like treats and even deep frying it for a different texture.