Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong gives her take on what went wrong with restaurant wars.

on Aug 20, 2007

I was pleasantly stunned with how well each team decorated and set up their space. The food was another story. Dale and Brian took on front of the house and learned the hard way just how difficult this challenge was. Even with 2 servers on each team (in past seasons each team has only gotten one server) they had difficulty expediting orders and keeping their back waiter station organized. I say this because this may have been the one thing that angered me; part of service and running a successful restaurant is cleaning up.

As both teams cleared courses off their tables, they piled up the glassware and dishware on the floor in their back waiter station, which they shared. I got a call over walkie that production needed me and my team to go in and bus their waiter station while they were in the middle of service and clear all of their dirty dishes and glasses to the dishwashers (we had 4) in the TC kitchen.

I had given each team bus tubs. Neither Brian or Dale, nor any of their servers bussed their dirty wares to the kitchen. I almost flat out refused to do it, had it not become a safety issue because so many dishes were piled on the floor. I had to speak to both teams later during deliberation about the situation. Both Brian and Dale argued that they were too busy. I told them that every single time they and their waiters went back to the kitchen to get food, they should've had dirty dishes in their hands to give to the dishwashers. Two hands in, two hands out. I waited tables for over 10 years, I should know.