Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong gives her take on what went wrong with restaurant wars.

on Aug 20, 2007

There were plenty of faults on both sides. I thought the food was hit or miss with both teams. Only Hung's tuna tartare was delicious, subtle and seasoned perfectly. I found the rest of that teams' menu to be heavy with the mushroom risotto and braised lamb shank. Brian's team had a slightly more appealing menu, but nothing that really knocked it out of the park. We gave them the opportunity to listen to their criticism, and do it all over again the next day.

I think "Restaurant Wars Part Deux" is great, which you will see next week. It's great because rarely in this game do you ever get the opportunity to go back and fix the mistakes you made the first time around. I actually don't have a copy of next week's episode, and I am on a plane to Mexico right now. My blog will be from memory, but either way I am looking forward to writing it. Til then.