Lee Anne Wong

This episode really got to Lee Anne, except for the part when she got to hang with Entourage's Debi Mazar.

on Jan 3, 2007

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I rang in the New Year by having a porktastic party with some of my friends. leeannesblog_marcel_320x240.jpg

This episode really bothered me, as it turned into another Marcel bashing. I have to say, I am sometimes stunned at how the other contestants really let loose on him. Mob mentality plays a big part here, and when you're cooped up with the same people for weeks on end, it's easy to see how all the little things can get to you. The difference is, as adults, we have an off switch and we should know when to keep our mouths shut. I sometimes wonder if the contestants forgot there was a camera around.

I remember how in the end it became second nature to have a camera in your face at all hours of the day. As spoken of before, yes, he's annoying. Yes, there's an abuse of foam. But for the record, Marcel is first and foremost a human being, and actually a pretty nice guy. I have hung out with him outside of the show and I respect his ambition and focus. After witnessing the level of hostility he fielded from the other contestants, I respect him even more for maintaining a sense of humor and composure. The other contestants just come off as being juvenile and in my mind it all just becomes motivation for Marcel to win.