Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong tells the cheftestants to cut the drama and focus on food.

on Nov 8, 2006


I will keep this relatively short(er) because I am in Hawaii wrapping the finale, and I have not slept much in the past four days. This episode was a flashback to the gas station challenge ... I happen to love challenges like this, because it forces me to think outside of the box. And believe me, I have come home, relatively intoxicated, many a night to bizarre and somewhat random ingredients in my cupboards. The mark of a true chef is the 3:00 a.m. challenge. So flash forward to the amuse bouche vending machine challenge.

First of all, "madness?" Yes. Thank you, Sam. "Any self respecting chef blah blah blah blah"? I've heard just about enough from Ms. Pastry Chef Extraordinaire. Anyone who studied last season would realize that the challenges are unconventional, and the purpose is to make the contestants uncomfortable, but also to inspire them to bring their best creatively. It is an attitude that even Harold had to adopt and that would eventually lead him to victory.