Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong takes you behind the scenes on the WB lot challenge.

on Dec 13, 2006

Once the party started and the sunlight began to fade, we looked around and saw how great the set looked. The snow and the holiday decorations were a sight to behold on a warm summer evening. The guests began arriving and before we knew it there was a holiday party in full swing. Orange team had a great approach by putting out their hors d'oeuvres in different sets, ensuring that the guests would come back to try the new items later on.

I remember looking over from across the street at one point and seeing that the black team's table was empty of food. No food equals no customers. I was feeling for Mike and Mia. Just because hors d'oeuvres are small, it doesn't mean they take less time to make. In fact, most hors d'oeuvres have several components, meaning putting 2-3 garnishes on 200 of something (even 50 pieces) takes time. Orange team really had it together by having most of their food ready for plating by the time the party started.