Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne opens up about her love of spring.

on Apr 9, 2007

Anyways, top two reasons that I love Spring? The greenmarket and my birthday. As a chef and food lover, seasonality is not only important but thrilling and inspiring. The most bountiful time of the year is Summer, obviously. Juicy ripe tomatoes in every color, fresh sweet corn, wild strawberries, ripe peaches, and vegetables, herbs, and greens that make my culinary wheels spin. Fall is also a great time of year, as the last of summer's flavors fade into the debut of other great ingredients, like crisp apples, a wide variety of squash, and hearty braising greens. Winter makes me want to cook rich, comforting foods like short ribs and cassoulet. To be honest, the greenmarket is relatively bare in the first quarter, with only a few root and cruciferous vegetables, apples, and cold weather items. Once Spring hits though, some of my favorite ingredients start to appear in the market: morel mushrooms, wild asparagus, fiddlehead ferns, nettles, peas, and ramps. I get so giddy just thinking of all the possibilities. Spring signifies the melting, and the introduction of all things green. And yes, eventually it gets warm enough that the winter gear can be left in the closet and everyone begins to get their "outdoor" on.