Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne describes the zoo challenge from conception.

on Mar 21, 2008

... that's the team I would like to be on. Unfortunately, there were no pigs at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Anyways, I apologize for the lateness of my blog -- I had a crazy crazy week, but I hope you all enjoyed this episode.


I had never actually seen the "workout room" in the house. I think the only things we ever lifted while we were in the house in San Francisco were our cocktail glasses. The Quickfire at the Green City Market was so much fun. I had already been in Chicago for almost three weeks by the time we shot this episode so I had scouted the market at least a half a dozen times and ended up doing most of my grocery shopping for my apartment there. At a time when I missed the NYC Union Square Greenmarket's Fall bounty, Chicago's Green City Market was a very impressive substitute.