Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne describes the zoo challenge from conception.

on Mar 21, 2008

The mushroom was weird and gross, and Dale's arrogance and inability to accept responsibility for adding cheese to the already terrible combination of blueberries and mushrooms reminded me of a cross between Hung and Stephen, but angrier and more maladjusted. (Watching these episodes is a small shock, only because the contestants are so tame and nice when I see them most of the time). I would've sent Valerie home too. While maybe not bad in theory, each component of her dish had a fatal flaw that once altogether made for one unsexy canape. The rutabaga definitely should have been cooked more (why not slow poach it in olive oil until it is creamy soft?) and she could have done the blini a la minute. That's why I gave each team two portable butane burners. However, it was the cold, limp, uncooked rutabaga and blini that got Val the boot. Maybe I'll see her on my next visit to Chicago ....

... which by the way ... a good friend of mine conned me into registering for the Chicago Marathon. This was because we were not able to register in time for this ridiculous costume marathon they hold in Bordeaux every year, which includes cheese and wine tables along the route for the runners. So she ordered me to sign up for Chicago. Sometimes I run to the bar. Occasionally I'll run to the bathroom. I, however, don't run. Call it a personal challenge. I'll start training in the next few weeks. Renew the gym membership, buy a good athletic bra (and some duct tape), and pray that Rocco would want to give me some advice. For those of you who think I'm crazy, and I think I'm crazy, worry not. I think we're gonna try this one as a pub crawl to make up for the absence of cheese, wine, and a silly costume, and hope to finish in under six hours. I can do it. Just watch. Run Wonger, Run.