Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong clears up some important matters.

on Sep 6, 2007

Sorry, guys. I've been through so many of these challenges they all start to blend together in my Swiss cheese for brains. It's 12:30 a.m. and I am watching the yacht episode on TV. It all comes back to me now...

I was in fact around for when they completed the Quickfire. I had forgotten all about Hung's landscape breakfast, which made me and the crew laugh harder than we had all season. Creative chaos -- and I gave him credit for making something that he knew would not have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, though I think he may have taken his dish seriously at some point.

I had sampled all of the camera plates and enjoyed Casey's and most definitely Brian's. Dale's was also interesting but REALLY spicy -- even for me -- who likes it hot. Spam makes its second appearance on Top Chef, and this time comes out as a winner. Brian's choice to elect himself team captain was to be expected, but he may have envisioned the end game happening differently in his own mind.

OK, so let's review the inaccuracy of my recap of the hors d'oeuvres. I did in fact taste all of them, but needed to watch the episode to refresh my memory. The tuna tartar was passable. Hung's smoked salmon on cucumber was in fact extremely ordinary, and his comment about it being good enough for inexperienced palates is a little off-putting, not to mention his food history rant at Judges' Table (I prefer the Hung who made the river of blue Froot Loops). The tomato basil bread pudding was delicious. The chicken curry salad was as visually unappealing as Howie's mushroom tart. CJ's sausage was tasty, but I feel like there's an overall abuse of seafood mousse/sausage this season.