Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne takes on the comfort food challenge.

on Jun 29, 2007

Micah's not un-American at all. She just never had meatloaf as a kid. While her references to what we as Americans like to eat could have been misconstrued as derogatory, it's just because she honestly is not familiar with the food that was on the table. Her dish was terrible, more like an odd meat terrine in a ring mold than a meat loaf. The flavors were off and the texture was dry and mealy.

I have no doubt that she is a good chef, just not this time. What you don't see is her role early on as the house mom, cooking for the other contestants in the penthouse. She cooks out of love, and because she enjoys it, and maybe was not cut out for the competitive nature of Top Chef. Her experiences as a world traveler makes her cuisine compelling and interesting and I am sure she has a bright future with her catering company and her daughter by her side -- all the best Micah. The Miami Elks lodge rocked. I would've liked to see Tom in a giant buffalo hat with horns, like Fred Flintstone. But for today, Howie is the Grand Puba.