Lee Anne Wong

Drink every time ... Well, Lee Anne Wong explains.

on Mar 11, 2008


Being a New Yorker, I am an extreme fanatic about New York style pizza. Two months in Chicago didn't change a thing. However, I learned how to make fantastic deep-dish pizza from the staff at the original Pizzeria Uno. From creating the dough and rising time, how much sauce, toppings, and cheese to use, to seasoning the pan and baking time, there is an art to making the perfect deep-dish slice. wong_02_320x240.jpg

Rocco was the perfect judge for our pizza challenge. I sampled all of the pizzas and agreed on all points with his and Padma's commentary. The pizzas I was most fond of were Jennifer's (probably because there were grapes AND bacon, my all-time favorite ingredient), Dale's, whose pickled kohlrabi added an unusual and enticing vegetal crunch, and Mark's, purely because the marmite worked. If you don't love vegemite or marmite, and I do (on buttered rye toast it's sublime), Mark's pizza changed even Rocco's mind. It was delicious. rate_401_mark_qf.jpg