Lee Anne Wong

Drink every time ... Well, Lee Anne Wong explains.

on Mar 11, 2008


Next is Richard, with all of his bells, whistles, and smoke shop gadgetry, versus the very hyperactive spazztastic Andrew. I had gotten a call over the walkie during the challenge from one of the field producers asking where the mayo was in the pantry. I provide a very detailed pantry list to all of the contestants of all ingredients in the pantry. This is to aid them when they are shopping. Andrew didn't read his list. Both crab cakes were delicious. Andrew's was denser than Richard's, but it was well seasoned and had plenty of fresh crab and maybe slightly too much breadcrumbs. Richard's was more loosely packed, incredibly moist, and though one would think the smoke would overpower the crab, it added a delicate and delicious dimension to the dish along with pickled mustard seeds he used as garnish. I found both lasagnas to be delicious. I really admired Jennifer's innovation with the root vegetables and meat/mint sauce. Nikki's was classic and creamy good. Antonia's shrimp scampi was well balanced and the pappardelle was a nice touch. Nimma's dish however, was not only unattractive but also ill-conceived from the start. The shrimp were overcooked and salty and the "cauliflower scramble" was hideous in both texture and flavor. rate_401_nikki_elim.jpg