Lee Anne Wong

Drink every time ... Well, Lee Anne Wong explains.

on Mar 11, 2008


The first stew room always sucks for the contestants -- it's a waiting game and the judges debate for the better part of several hours. The last time I saw so much positivity flow from Bourdain's lips was when he wanted to adopt Mike Midgley, and even then it wasn't so positive. Stephanie wins and you can watch me recreate her winning dish on the Wong Way to Cook. Erik, Nimma, Ryan, and Mark head to loser's table. Nimma is first to go, joining the ranks of Krazy Ken, Suyai, and Clay. I'm sure she's got a bright future ahead of her if she stays focused and gets a thicker skin (there's no crying in baseball). In any case, hope you enjoyed meeting our Season 4 recruits. There's plenty of fun and high stakes drama on the way, so print out your version of "The Top Chef Drinking Game" (I will not be doing this ever again) and be careful which rules you adhere to.