Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong remembers her high-flying production adventure.

on Sep 12, 20070

I actually left to come to New York/Newark directly after the yacht challenge. Watching this episode was a particularly joy for me because I wanted to see the great work that Shannon had done in setting up the Quickfire in my absence, and I have to say he did a spectacular job. I was also pleased to see the comedy that happened at the wake-up/Quickfire. I live alone, so the only thing that wakes me up is the not-so-glorious sound of my alarm clock. Had Padma walked into my room, who knows, but I thought all of the chefs handled the situation with grace and a good bit of humor.

Blenders are a staple of a chef's equipment repertoire. Considering the abrupt wake-up call, I thought all six did an amazing job. Ladies who love crepes, Mr. Jacobson would be happy to prepare these for you at all hours of the morning after... And yes, Padma does look entirely phenomenal at 7 a.m. with no makeup and no skimpy wardrobe.