Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong remembers her high-flying production adventure.

on Sep 12, 2007

Before I go any further, I would like to thank everyone at Continental Airlines, for doing what you do, with special thanks to Danny Cuellar, Chef Robin, Chef Gerry, and Chef Jimmy. I learned so much about airplane cuisine in a matter of days from working with them, and now have a hope and a dream to work with an airline someday in continuing to feed quality food to the masses at 35,000 feet. To see the Chelsea Food Services/Continental Catering Kitchen in action is a sight to behold. As a chef I now have a true understanding of what it takes to even serve snacks to customers on the thousands of flights that take place daily around the world (a whole lot of organization and coordination,,,). There are food safety regulations, in addition to the marketing/appeal considerations of dishes and menus. Is it healthy? Does it taste good? Is it the quality it should be?