Lee Anne Wong

Lee Anne Wong remembers her high-flying production adventure.

on Sep 12, 2007

Poor, poor CJ. It was funny because I had heard from field producers ahead of time how psyched he was to come to NY and then the sheer frustration and disappointment/hope of just wanting to get a NY slice of pizza. I think the first thing I asked him the next time I saw him after he was eliminated was if he ever got that slice (he did). Unfortunately, his mint sauce was yogurt-based and broke (fat separated from water leaving a not-so-appealing result) due to the 10-minute heat time, not to mention that the mint turned army green/brown in color. The broccolini was crispy like shoe leather indeed. Put Tom and Tony Bourdain in a room together with that broccolini...yikes.

So the big tree and his testicle fell down in the Top Chef forest with a hard thump (did anyone hear a sound?). I know many of you have responded somewhat negatively to CJ in the past few episodes, but don't forget $100,000 and much more is on the line. I am quite fond of CJ and his witty/smart-ass nature. Everyone's gotta throw someone under the bus at some point, and when it's down to less than half it becomes a difficult reality. At the end of the day, CJ's still got the skills, talent, and charm -- which is why we had originally cast him. (And he and Tre have that trip to Italy, so don't feel TOO bad for them).

I'm SO excited for next week's episode. Get ready for a stupid long blog.