Lee Anne Wong

Season One's Lee Anne Wong gives her take on the new crop of cheftestants.

on Oct 18, 2006

I jumped at the chance when Bravo asked me to write a blog about Season 2, not only because I got to see the behind the scenes drama and truth, but also because I came to know the cast and sort of think of them as my children. They really inspired me and also brought a smile to my face, while I was reminiscing and really sympathizing with them at times.

So, let's talk about this new cast, and who deserves to be here. Is it hard to be objective, you ask? Sometimes. Is it difficult to not compare them to us? You betcha. I always applaud the casting department (Randy and Danielle) over at the Elves for getting together such a diverse group of yahoos for season 1. It's hard to find personalities that could top or even match individuals like Miguel, Tiffani, Stephen, and Ken. It was also interesting to watch if anyone had the culinary skill of our current Top Chef, Harold. The biggest difference between Season 1 and Season 2 is that Season 2 has a head start. They've seen the show. They know what it's about and what they'll be subjected too. (There was actually one Season 2 contestant who had never watched the show, and I thought to myself, "Are you serious? What an idiot!")

So I got to sit down and watch the first episode of Season 2 in the comfort of my NYC home with none other than Dave Martin, who happens to be staying with me this week, and also writing a blog for Bravo. If only you could all see our raised eyebrows throughout the 50-plus minutes of footage. Let me start by saying that for the new cast members, I know exactly what you were going through. It is interesting how some lessons will never be learned, no matter how many times you watch the rerun on TiVo or your iPod.