Lee Anne Wong

Season One's Lee Anne Wong gives her take on the new crop of cheftestants.

on Oct 18, 2006

In comes the next group, and the next set of weird ingredients. Frog legs, chicken livers, peanut butter, cornflakes and eggplant. Now, somehow in my mind these ingredients make a little more sense together, for their richness and textures. Most people took the route of deep-frying their frog legs, which is great. It is a known fact that most people can't resist a little deep-fried food every now and then. I always say that you could put dog poo in a wonton wrapper and deep fry it, and sure enough, someone will eat it. They'll probably lick their fingers too.

Anyways, most of the frog leg dishes looked great. I really was thrilled that Betty came up with such a unique dish, with her frog leg and chicken liver cake. And Mia's dish just looked hearty and appetizing. It was good to see the ladies coming out on top. What is so incredibly interesting to me is to see the other castmates judge each other's dishes. It was apparent that there was going to be no love for Marcel from any of the cast. Unfortunately, I don't think his dish should've been in the bottom four, so I'd have to agree with him on that one. Of course, saying, "I don't really know why I'm here in the bottom four," is a ballsy way to separate yourself from the other three cooks standing with you. And again, not a great or modest way to make friends. But I like the fact that he stood behind his food, garlicky or not.

Now: When Harold announces Ilan as the winner, watch Mia's face very carefully. Not a whole lotta love there, either. It's kinda comical, actually, the scowl on her face. Dave and I were slightly surprised how this cast did not mince words when it came to commenting on each other's food and throwing each other under the bus for this first elimination challenge. So the feathers are out, and egos are running high.

I look forward to the next few episodes, when the layers start to get peeled away like an onion. There are a lot of personalities we have yet to see, because it's hard to get a feel for everyone in a one hour time slot. I see a couple of stable, focused people. I also see a few individuals who would be better off keeping their mouths shut. A few eccentrics, and maybe one or two who really have no business being there at all. Thankfully, it's not up to me and I am positive you will all form your own opinions over time. Should make for some VERY good TV.

For the record, this is an extremely talented group of individuals, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Their personalities and skills will come shining through in their cooking, and also in all things caught on camera (which is pretty much every minute of the day). I hope that they will bond the way that we did, but I also know that there will be plenty of drama, and even a few tears shed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Shoot me for saying it, but: Watch what happens ... only on Bravo!